Hivemind are a group of international professionals and as such our company culture thrives on both local and international marketing trends.  We have key expertise in hospitality, food and beverage, fashion and beauty, e-commerce, real estate, retail and fintech industries.  With a core focus on the United Kingdom and Middle Eastern markets we aim to provide an easy access to help brands drive conversations without big budgets.

At Hivemind we bring passion and focus to everything we do so you can see the marketing ROI in your business vision.


Why work harder and spend more money than you need?  We are used to working on a streamlined budget with clear budget planning in our strategies to demonstrate marketing competency at every turn.  Utilising our exceptional networks of media, influencers, brands and business partners, we aim to provide expertise that serves our clients both a personalised experience and top-level strategy you would expect from a consultancy with the range and level of services found in a leading global agency.

We are a connected company, connected to our clients and our global network, and we want to bring that connectivity to your benefit.  Our aim is to provide a cost-effective solution for all businesses to achieve their goals, from high-street vendors to multinational organisations.

Experience and engagement are our key drivers, from experiential events that make global news to the online channels consistent and constant in activity with existing and potential users who are emotionally connected to our clients and brands.  Conversion ratios become higher, brand authority increases, and we have another client success story in our portfolio.

Why HiveMind?

WWe work remotely whenever possible, meaning more time with you and your teams.  At Hivemind, we modernise our approach using viral trends, innovative techniques and technology.  Global trends show as market channels expand, particularly in the mobile and digital sectors, more and more companies are wasting money on marketing solutions that are ineffective.

Hivemind can not only provide you with the expertise you need to launch or maintain your brand or product, we can also help refresh your approach and lead towards better practices and results all around for the future.  We make sure we provide solutions that suit your business and your budget, with no hidden fees or last-minute charges that impact your budgeting and slow your success.

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