How Can Hivemind
Help You?

Whoever you are, local SME or international organization we can help you to reach your business goals

web development services
Website Development

From custom build projects to e-commerce and identity building we can produce the right tool for you. Our website solutions are responsive and operate smoothly on all browsers.

Mobile App Development

Professional mobile app development on IOS, Android, or Windows 10 as stand alone, cross platform or hybrid solutions. Our mobile web app developers are experts in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS and a variety of web services.

Online Marketing

Discover how digital channels can be used to maximise your business goals and connect with customers with a variety of options, from Pay Per Click (PPC) to Search Engine Management (SEM) and Google Adwords. Hivemind can also produce strategy for viral campaigns and digital video marketing.

Social Media

Hivemind create static and dynamic content on the social platforms that talk to your audience and communities. With community management and social strategy we will tailor a content calendar to suit your needs. Expand your audience with social media advertising to reach your key demographics and speak to customers worldwide in viral campaigns.

Sales and PR Consultancy

Create business proposals that integrate all your communication channels and align messaging to corporate targets and requirements. From launches to campaign strategy Hivemind can help you to succeed by creating the right tone of voice and storytelling to suit multiple marketing channels.

Creative Branding and Design

Hivemind makes sure you never go unnoticed. We provide solutions ranging from brand naming and conceptualisation to custom graphic design flyers for events and media promotion. Popular services include Brand Logo Design and Guidelines, Corporate Sales Brochures and Online Marketing Campaign Design.

Hivemind provides solutions with local, national and international expertise across online and offline channels


We have core experience working in Manchester, London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Riyadh, Jeddah, Bangkok and Singapore

Hivemind Solutions

Hivemind targets the most effective channels to ensure you achieve your goals