At Hivemind Creative Marketing, a leading PR and Marketing Agency, our name signifies our approach. Just as a “hivemind” denotes the power of collective consciousness, intelligence, and collaboration, we mirror this concept in our PR consultancy. By amalgamating the diverse talents and unique insights of our team members, we co-create marketing solutions that are more potent than the sum of their parts. This collaborative ethos allows us as a PR agency to deliver exceptionally effective marketing strategies that truly resonate with your audience, and drive success for our clients. Join us, and experience the transformative power of the hivemind in our PR agency.

Our strategic public relations and marketing consulting services will help you elevate your brand. As a knowledgeable PR consultancy, we work with you to create customized solutions that address your specific goals and needs. Our PR agency offers both internal and external PR options; choose in-house consultancy to strategise and streamline your brand whilst managing agencies and partners, or as a supporting PR agency to provide the team and support necessary for you to succeed in your PR goals.
We provide the expertise and support you need to succeed in sectors like restaurant PR, fintech PR, payment PR, and web3 PR, from media relations and brand reputation management to influencer marketing and event PR.
As an integrated PR agency, Hivemind has a track record of delivering impactful events and launches, insightful thought leadership pieces, and media awareness in a variety of countries, languages, and industries. Our PR consultancy, as a comprehensive communications agency, brings a wealth of industry experience to the table, with proficiency in fields as varied as Web3, Blockchain, Metaverse, Technology & Digital, Hospitality PR, F&B, Entertainment and Live Events, Exhibitions and Conferences, Retail and Fashion, Crypto & Metaverse, Paytech & Fintech, Healthcare & Pharma, Construction & Real Estate, Smart Logistics & Warehousing, Information Security, Automotive, and Gaming PR/Blockchain Gaming and Esports PR.
As a premium influencer marketing agency in Dubai, Hivemind Creative Marketing provides a unique approach to influencer PR, aiming to connect your brand with your targeted audience. As an experienced influencer marketing agency, we comprehend the dynamic digital landscape and recognise the pivotal role influencers play in contemporary marketing strategies. Hivemind creates dynamic influencer marketing campaigns for some of the region’s most prominent brands, ensuring an effective and authentic reach to their audience.
In the capacity of an influencer marketing agency, we operate a platform with influencers from the region and globally, and we’re equipped to launch influencer campaigns – also known as influence campaigns – at scale. Thanks to our robust relationships across the GCC countries, we harness these relationships for the benefit of our clients. Our expansive influencers database, curated by our influencer PR team, focuses on three core attributes: Relevance, Reach, and Trust. This allows us to tailor influence campaigns that align with your brand values and resonate with your desired audience.
Our influencer PR team has nurtured relationships with a growing network that exceeds 100,000 global content creators across various platforms. Be it Instagram influencers, Snapchat influencers, YouTube influencers, or Twitter influencers, our influencer PR team ensures your brand message is shared strategically and creatively for maximum impact during each influence campaign
With Hivemind Creative Marketing, your preferred influencer marketing agency, you’ll never miss an opportunity to be part of the conversation. We ensure your brand stays relevant and visible during every influence campaign, capitalizing on viral trends, and reaching out to potential customers exactly when and where they are most engaged. Let our influencer PR team help navigate your brand through the dynamic world of influencer marketing and experience the difference we can make in your digital advertising journey.
Everything you do or say is public relations, and with our results-driven PR and marketing consulting services, you can get ahead of your storytelling. Experience the difference of working with a top PR agency and PR consultancy like Hivemind Creative Marketing.

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Media relations and press outreach

Brand reputation management

Influencer marketing

Event planning and execution

Marketing strategy development

Crisis communication planning

Product launches and promotions

Content creation and management

Media training

International press distribution

Analytics and reporting

Stakeholder and audience research and analysis

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