Hivemind tells your story in the most receptive way possible.  The media landscape globally has shifted to a dynamic blend of classic news outlets, online aggregators and socially influential platforms.  Simply sending your press release to a media list doesn’t work as effectively anymore; PR campaigns need to be well thought out and tap into the core personality of both the brand and the audience they are speaking to.

We can build PR storytelling and add key messages to your campaign that drive your awareness and PR coverage in the right direction

Experiences and reviews with media and influencers are important for a variety of clientele and typically niche industries need to widen their communication base to be more inclusive of the en-masse media in the MENA region. 

Let our recommended partners help you with all of this and creative real results in your public relations strategy. 

We see PR services as simply an extension of your marketing department, so the buck doesn’t stop at just coverage.  Alignments with likeminded companies and individuals and speaking opportunities in the right spots for your spokespeople and brand ambassadors is part and parcel of what we do.

Be it that new automotive podcast or the keynote speaker at the region’s largest healthcare summit we have the connectivity and know-how to make it happen.

Hivemind create marketing proposals that integrate all your communication channels and align messaging to corporate targets and requirements.  From launches to campaign strategy Hivemind can help you to succeed by creating the right tone of voice and storytelling to suit multiple marketing channels.

Online or offline, there is a story for everyone, let us tell yours!

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