Hivemind uses the most receptive storytelling techniques to tell your tale. Globally, the media landscape has changed to include a dynamic fusion of traditional news sources, online aggregators, and socially significant platforms. Nowadays, it is no longer enough to send a press release to a media list; PR efforts must be carefully planned and draw on the unique personalities of both the target audience and the brand.

Every client is unique, and every client has certain requirements. We take the time to get to know our customers and uncover distinct assets and benefits in order to clarify and focus on their reputations and how they are viewed. Our approaches are tailored to each client’s unique business objectives. In contrast to established customers, who may want to keep and develop their current marketing messages or completely change their identities and public personas, start-up businesses usually need coverage to promote their firm, new products, and to build brand awareness.

We create PR storytelling and include essential messaging into your campaign to move PR coverage in the proper direction and increase awareness. We are skilled at creating captivating stories that get journalists’ attention. Because of our established, long-standing contacts with the media, our clients are heard and understood.

Popular services include:

  • Management of reputation and brand authority
  • Crisis comms and intervention
  • Media and influencer outreach
  • Writing press releases, bios and speeches
  • Creative messaging and campaign creation
  • PR stunt planning and execution
  • Event preparation and planning
  • Publicity and market analysis
  • Internal key messaging and copywriting 
  • Media training

The responsibility doesn’t end with coverage because in our opinion, PR services are just an extension of your marketing division. Alignments with like-minded organizations and people, as well as speaking engagements for your spokespeople and brand ambassadors, are all a part of what we do.

For a range of customers, interactions and reviews with media and influencers are crucial. Typically niche businesses must expand their communication channels to better reach the MENA region’s mass media. Allow our suggested partners to assist you with all of this and generate effective outcomes for your PR campaign.

Hivemind develops marketing strategies that tie together all of your channels of communication and link messaging with organizational goals and needs.

Hivemind can assist you in succeeding by developing the appropriate tone of voice and storytelling for various marketing platforms, from launches to campaign planning. Everybody has a story, whether it be online or offline.

Let us share yours!

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