Floward's Guinness World Records™ titles for UAE’s 50th National Day

Floward's Guinness World Records

Floward, in commemorating UAE’s 50th National Day, accomplished the monumental task of setting two Guinness World Records™ titles for the Largest Flower Number and Largest Flower Word. This stunning achievement was orchestrated by a team of 25 Floward designers who painstakingly assembled a total of 16,491 roses over a span of 6 hours.

The meticulously crafted, record-breaking display stood at an impressive 3.6 metres high. It was a true work of art and a fitting tribute to UAE’s Year of the Fiftieth. This unique endeavor was overseen by a team of Official Adjudicators from Guinness World Records™ who meticulously examined every aspect of the record attempt.

Continuing its commitment to sustainability, Floward ensured that all the roses were 100% composted at their facilities and converted into fertilizers as part of their green initiative.

Floward’s campaign not only created a lasting impression but also illustrated the power of innovative event planning in achieving widespread media attention and engagement.