Fontana Dubai

Hivemind achieved over 250 media clippings during a 6month campaign for Fontana, and ticket sales over 10,000,000 AED.

Fontana, the most ambitious aquatic show ever produced and first travelling water circus in the Middle East, is coming to Dubai Festival City Mall’s Festival Bay from 29th September onwards.


The one-of-a-kind aquatic experience, produced by Cirque Du Liban and brought to you by HAT Entertainment, is set to excite and delight audiences in a tailor-made Aquatic Theatre, led by the Live Show Arabia theatre development department.


An awe-inspiring spectacle, Fontana brings the magic world of water to life before the audience’s eyes, through a breathtaking blend of live entertainment, artistic circus performances, captivating special effects, amazing aerialists, and much, much more.


Hivemind achieved over 250 media clippings during a 6-month campaign, and ticket sales of over 10,000,000 AED.