Who We Are

Hivemind is a leading creative marketing consultancy in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and Manchester (United Kingdom), providing tactical, creative, and honest advice and support that makes sense to our clients. Our team of experts goes beyond the ‘norm’ of traditional methods and standard marketing trends to create and produce innovative yet effective strategies and campaigns. We are passionate and knowledgeable and can achieve your business targets and communication goals in a world of opportunity. To maximize impact and increase conversions, we build context-rich consumer profiles that serve as the foundation for our PR initiatives. We have a wealth of experience working with fintech, hospitality, automotive, blockchain, and web3-related businesses, and understand how to establish credibility through quick thought leadership and alliances. We can help you improve your standing in your relevant industry through webinars, PR, influencer marketing, and a variety of other strategies. By establishing these partnerships, we make sure that you are recognized for what you provide and that the influence on the final consumer is significant and powerful.



Serve clients as if their business was our own

Connect clients and their respective brands to their markets, both local and international, to drive results and obtain effective ROI on their investment

Create campaigns and strategies that help develop online, offline, digital and creative success stories

Care about the brands we work with so as they grow, so do we

Practice proactivity and maximising business goals


Marketing and strategy

Branding and customised graphic design projects; including logo design, branding projects, videography and photography, social media content and custom content projects

Public relations and events

Paid social and digital advertising strategy and campaigns

Website build; from simple setup to e-commerce

Custom mobile app build

Digital campaign generation

Business development strategy

Our Clients in the Media

We help individuals, brands and businesses find their voice and tell their stories.


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